Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I get replacement shoot through windows for my Gorilla Gear Blind?

Yes. Contact Gorilla Gear customer service to make sure you get the proper replacement windows for your blind.

Can I use expandable broadheads through the shoot through windows?

No. You can only used fixed blade broadheads without affecting the flight of you arrow.

How long can my blind be left outside?

Our hunting blinds are designed to be set up and taken down the same day. If your hunting blind is left out for an extended amount of time then you run the risk of it being damaged from weather. Also if it is left out in extreme sunlight for extended amounts of time you may find that the camo pattern fades.

What is the warranty on my blind?

1 year from the date of purchase.

Can I shoot a firearm through shoot-through mesh?

No. It is possible that the mesh will catch fire. Shoot through mesh is designed for bow hunting only.

Is my blind waterproof?

No. However, your blind is water resistant. The black Polyurethane interior coating will prevent most leakage.

How long does it take to set up a blind?

Like most everything, setting up your blind quickly will take some practice. The average set-up time for our hub style blind is 20-30 seconds. Our quick set-up blinds take merely seconds. We suggest practicing your set-up before you go into the field.

What types of blind framework are available?

We offer spacious hub-style blinds, spring steel blinds and spring steel and carbon rod combination blinds.

What tools do I need to assemble my blind?

No tools are needed to set up any of our blinds.

How does the scent containment system work on the Smart Air blind?

The Smart Air blind was designed for hunters that feel that scent containment is important. There are four major components incorporated into the blind that make this system work.
They are:
8" exterior ground skirt (helps to stop scent from escaping from the base of the blind)
Removable spy windows (contains scent while creating a see through barrier between you and the game. You can see out, they can't see in.)
Adjustable Shadow Blocker ™ window panels (contains scent by blocking the air from moving through the blind. They also eliminate silhouettes.)
Black polyurethane interior coating (contains scent by eliminating pores in the blind fabric. Scent cannot penetrate this lining.)

What are the "brush loops" on my blind for?

The brush loops on you blind are installed so you can use the native vegetation to further conceal your blind. Using native vegetation is the best way to make your blind blend in to the environment.
Ice Shanties
What is the warranty on my shanty?

1 year from the date of purchase

Are replacement windows available for my Ice Shanty?

Yes. You can obtain windows through customer service.

Should I get the two man or four man ice shanty?

If you are looking for large amounts of room for people and gear then you will want the 4 man shanty. This will allow plenty of room for fishing and your gear. If you are looking for something smaller and easier to set up in the wind then the 2 man shanty will be a better fit for you.

Why should I buy an Gorilla Gear Ice Shanty?

The main difference between our shanties and others is that we do not have a floor in ours. This allows the shanty to fold up into a very convenient size for transportation and storage. Also our hub system allows for a quick setup and take down for fisherman who like to stay on the move.
General Hunting
What is the best thing to use to conceal my treestand?

Our Rapidmount 3D Treestand blind is great for concealing your treestand and you so you can get a clear shot without being seen. Also new for this year we have a 3D Leaf Camo Wire which can be wrapped around the frame of your stand. This will break up the frame of your lock on or ladder stand.